Monday, July 18, 2011

You Have To Be Beautiful to be A Flight Attendant In China!

China Southern Airline Flight Attendants

The positions of flight attendant are considered prestigious and thousands candidates compete for coveted career despite poor work environment, comparatively low pay.
One of the country's largest carriers, China Southern Airlines recently held a pageant competition to recruit a new class of stewardesses. Tens of thousands applied; the hiring turned into an American Idol-type show. 98% didn't pass the first interview.
China Southern Airlines requirement are:
Must be 25 or younger, single,
Their legs cannot be "X or O shaped",
Stand between 5'3" and 5'9".
Restrictions on their weight-to-height ratio,
No glasses or visible scars on faces or body.
Hong Kong Airlines goes beyond physical requirements and trains their flight attendants in Kung Fu Wing Chun. I have been sitting the HK Airlines to Russia, wow, the Flight attendant looks so much fresher and more beautiful than those CX's.

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